Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Bash

 Zach and Josh jumping off of the terrifying "towers" at Waimea Bay on Memorial Day.

 I told the boys how Sergio loves a good sand crab sauteed up with garlic and lime they took it upon themselves to gather as many as possible...they came up with a whole bucket full!
 This guy got the splash award for the day....
 Sergio always has to switch things up...yeah he was the ONLY one I saw go head first...maybe because the water levels are a little lower than comfortable for diving...
 The herd of menfolk :) Gotta love all these guys! What a fun crew to hang around all day!
 Uncle Vic and Sergio have formed a special bond...they understand each other when no one else does haha!
 Such great boys in that family...they have an awesome dad to follow after!
An amazing family that shares light and love everywhere the go! Washington DC will be blessed by their presence :)

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