Tuesday, August 2, 2011

European Couples

 We had this fun couple in the morning from Switzerland! They were a blast...
 They both got right up and he even caught waves all by himself within a half hour!
 She caught every wave and never looked back

 Today was so bright and lovely! The water was glowing green and the sky brilliant blue! That's why I'm a lil sun burned now...feelin' it!

 We had a british couple at 2 pm and they were a little unsure at first if the waves would be good enough...but ended up having a great time!
 Even though they'd never surfed before...they rocked it! Even through the brutal windy conditions!
 heading out...
 And they're off! Sergio took them way outside where it's shallow but the best waves were rolling...

 He made it almost to the sand on this wave! It's a long way too...
Nice finish!

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