Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Amazing Day....

 What started out as a super rainy morning (filled with chai tea lattes and crepes at home) turned into one of my favorite days on the north shore!
 I got to do a quick session with Suzy and her two adorable ladies :) She has had a surf school on the north shore for over 12 years! It's always a pleasure to work with her...she has such a positive attitude!
 I got to meet several great people surfing at Puaena Point today...this lady and her husband were here from Australia...
 And this student was from Portland! YAY! And even knows several mutual friends...such a small world
And this lovely lady from Argentina! She surfed with such perfect form and grace ;)
After the surf sessions, Rey, Sergio, and I went fishing and caught 10 snapper in 45 minutes! WOW! God is good hehe :)

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