Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going Away for Now Party for the Talamoas...

 Sergio made a new friend Uncle Vic...his new fav :) What an amazing man for Sergio to look up to! We will miss you guys more than you know!
 Leah is such a beautiful dancer! She started the traditional Samoan money dance to send the family off :)
 The beautiful Talamoa family! They have made a huge impact in the lives of so many people...they will be greatly missed! I hope to have a family like theirs one day...truly full of life and love and light! Love them!
 Leah and Uncle Vic...such joy spreaders!
 Roger! Aka BOB! His laugh is contagious! It's been awesome to have him and his family back on the island!
 I don't know what Vic was doing to Noe, but she was unaware haha until I caught it on camera :)
The whole crew there to send them off with love and prayers,  dance and song..what a great night!

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