Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Pillbox Hike of Wonder!

 We were guided by the lovely Emma Talamoa to do the Pillbox hike overlooking the east side of Oahu
 Coming up was quite intense, complete with ropes and slopes...but we managed!
 I wanted to hiijack that catamaran and go for a ride on Lanikai Beach!
 Me and my girls Emma and Gabby after making it to the first bunker!
 The sun was beaming down, but the strong wind factor made it worth it!
 It was so windy I thought we were going to blow off that bunker...intense haha!
 Sergio sporting the tribal edge shirt that uncle Fili had given him the night it!
 Gabby and Kimberly Levasa...those lovely ladies! We had a great time getting to see them again this weekend! Such a blessing!

 Check out that view!!!
Climbing down into the bunkers haha!

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