Monday, January 9, 2012

Amazing Trip to Paradise...Day 1

 After a long break for the holidays, friends getting married, and a new business getting started up...I decided it was time to blog again :) Sergio and I were blessed by my Auntie Di to be able to spend a week on the island of Kauai...
 Sergio was most taken aback by the beauty of Waimea Canyon...he said he had never seen a beauty like it!
 He definitely adopted that walking stick...looks like Moses headin' to the promised land...
 This tree was clinging for dear life onto the edge of this railings...nothing...just us and the cliff!

 The amazing part is that just on the other side of the Canyon is the famous Napali Coast! It was so crazy that we could see two totally different climates within 10 minutes of each other!
 The Napali Coast was incredible and breathtaking and everything that everyone says it is...unfortunately pictures don't do it justice and you simply need to experience it to believe it!

 We got to hike both ends of this beautiful coastline...quite the experience!
And was a miracle to see a patch of sun! hehe

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