Monday, January 9, 2012

Amazing trip to Paradise...Day 5

 I was awoken to the most beautiful glow that it drew me outside to see what was happening...
 Just happened to be the most amazing sunset ever!
 The sun was forming a perfect outline on the clouds...
 And everything was glowing...

 So incredible I just sat there in awe!
 Then we went up to the Napali Coast AGAIN to do hike number 2!

 This one was also incredible...totally different type of lush jungle, super green water, and bright blue sky!
 Water was very necessary...8 miles yet again!
 I loved the details in the nature...the Lord did a good work...
 What a cute head :)

 Then we came to the river crossing and Sergio and I opted to take the additional 4 mile hike to the hidden waterfall in the valley...probably the best decision ever! SO incredible! Probably my favorite trail :)

 Nice :)

 I had to dive in! It was too good to be true...
A bit chilly but so so refreshing! I felt renewed and alive!

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