Monday, January 9, 2012

Amazing trip to Paradise...Day 3

 We were blessed by the arrival of our dear friends Rey and his wife Kim and so we became the tour guides...
 They both absolutely LOVED it!

 The Napali Coast views never get old...
 Please don't freak my out like that Rey....

 So we decided to do the Awa'Awapuhi about an intense journey that was!
 But it came out to probably the most beautiful view imaginable! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

 We were all just shocked and amazed by the natural beauty around us...and we were all by ourselves!

 Then the boys got it in their heads to go "off-roading" and Sergio is deathly afraid of heights
 Rey was lovin' it though!

 Caught this great look on camera! haha! He was telling me to sit down and slide down the narrow dirt path...looks like he was about to have a heart attack! haha
 But he made it! And didn't even shed a tear this time :)
 We had little guest visitors on the was covered in goats!?

Yeah...we didn't heed these warnings well enough...

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